Being a real estate agent is a fun job. I get to work with people in order to help them find the house they want, one that will fulfill their needs. I’m right there with them as they get excited about the features of a house they’re touring, whether they’re discovering the extra storage or marveling at the beauty of the countertops.

If there’s one negative about being a real estate agent, it’s not being able to find my clients the house they want with the budget they have. Houses, both new and remodeled, are just out of the reach of some of the families I help…even though they might need the extra bedrooms. I asked myself, what can be done?


We’ve all heard of “flipping homes,” where remodelers will buy a home, revitalize it, and sell it for a considerable profit. There are many homes out there with “good bones,” but age and wear have made them unappealing to clients who are looking for something more modern.

But what if you bought a reasonably-priced house, revitalized it, and then…lived in it? After all, many of these homes are in pricey areas and in great school districts. With some professional TLC, the home could be a real winner inside and out.