Are you considering moving to Maple Valley? If so, we don’t blame you! Maple Valley is one of the nicest cities you’re ever going to visit in Washington…and if you visit it, you might just never want to leave. 

What makes Maple Valley such an amazing place to live in Washington? Even more important, what makes it a great place to buy a home, either as an investment or as a place to raise a family…or both? Let’s take a look.

Fast Growth

For the longest time, Maple Valley grew very slowly. The town began with three families back in 1879, but it took 131 years just to reach 22,000 residents. While 22,000 is nothing to sneeze at, it took just eight more years for it to gain another 6,000 people. This town — now a city, actually — just keeps growing and growing, making the property values continue to rise. 

Why the sudden growth? Part of it has to do with the continued growth of Seattle and Tacoma. As the cities around the metropolises continue to fill up and get too expensive for the average person, people continue to look “just a little farther out” in order to find affordable housing. Maple Valley is about as far away as most people want to commute, but they’re willing to do it!

Another reason Maple Valley real estate continues to grow is due to the growth of the city itself. At some point, a city becomes “self-sustaining,” drawing people not because of its commute time but due to the opportunities the city itself provides. 

It’s Close To The Big Cities

What happens to Maple Valley’s real estate values when it starts serving the needs of two major cities? Prices rise, which means you might want to grab a house now while it’s still affordable.

As we just mentioned, Maple Valley is one of the cities that serves commuters heading toward  Seattle. At just 31 miles from Seattle, most people find it an acceptable commute. Depending on traffic, it usually takes between 45 minutes and an hour. 

Tacoma is even closer, just 27 miles away. Because the traffic isn’t as heavy as it can be to Seattle, it tends to take about 35 minutes to get to Tacoma. And it’s a pleasant drive, too, because of the…

Great Views

Whether you’re driving to work or simply sitting on the deck of your Maple Valley home, the views are going to be great! Mount Rainier National Park is just an hour away, and the mountain itself is a constant part of the landscape.

Of course, the lush nature of the area is also an excellent reason to move to Maple Valley. Because this city isn’t overgrown, you’ll always be able to get back to nature quickly on those days you aren’t heading to work. Honestly, nature is always so close that you’ll be able to hike or bike after work whenever you want!

Small-Town Living

There are two primary reasons why someone might work in Seattle but choose to have a home in a Maple Valley. First is the price, of course. The median home value in Seattle is over $750,000, and you can probably guess that’s a lot more expensive than what you’ll pay for real estate in Maple Valley!

Second, some people just don’t like living in a big city. While they might have to commute in order to have the job they want, they have no interest in fighting traffic on weekends when they’re supposed to be relaxing. They simply want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city and would rather just live in a smaller town with a more relaxed feel.

Are You Ready To Find a Home In Maple Valley?

If so, you’re going to want to find an experienced realtor in Maple Valley who can help you find the perfect home for you. Beth Hallock knows the area and can help you find that perfect property, whether you’re commuting to Seattle or are just interested in moving to a beautiful town that’s still growing and has great real estate investment opportunities. Contact Beth today to get started!