As we noted in this blog, there are quite a few great reasons why people choose to buy a home in Maple Valley. Thanks to its location, Maple Valley is an easy commute from Tacoma (27 miles) and not all that far from Seattle (30 miles). Because prices are getting out of control in the larger cities, people are willing to go out a bit farther in order to get an affordable home. But they’re also looking for something that isn’t just a bedroom community; they’re looking for a place with character. Having been around since 1879, you’re certainly going to find more character in Maple Valley than any newly constructed suburb. 

If you’re looking for a realtor in Maple Valley so that you can buy a house in this wonderful little city, you might wonder what there is to do around here. After all, many people who are moving to the Seattle area to work in the tech industry have interests that go well beyond technology. And just as many people are moving to the area — drawn by a job — without ever having visited and don’t know what to do with their weekends once they purchase their Maple Valley property. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the city and the fun that can be had.

Lake Wilderness Park

Lake Wilderness Park is a 117-acre park that provides many fun activities to the citizens and tourists of Maple Valley. In addition to having an excellent shoreline on Lake Wilderness, the park also contains forestland filled with deer, beaver, raccoons, and many species of birds. 

Our park is host to many city events throughout the year, including: a fireworks show on the 4th of July; a fishing derby; Maple Valley Days; Music in the Park; Kid’s Festival and Family Concert; and outdoor movies under the stars. Click here to find out when each of these events occurs at the park. (You can probably guess when the 4th of July festivities are!)

Lake Wilderness Park also has many things to do even if there are no official events going on. There are park standards, of course, such as picnic sites with shelters, a children’s play area, and walking paths. The park also has tennis courts, a softball field, a summer swimming area, boat launch (and rentals), and fishing access. 

Lake Wilderness Arboretum

Big fan of trees? The Lake Wilderness Arboretum is made up of 40 acres that celebrate native trees of the area. It also has one of the world’s largest collection of western azaleas, with over 200 on display.

Cedar River Trail

Like long walks or biking? The Cedar River Trail is exactly what you’re looking for. Loosely following State Route 169, this partially paved path connects Maple Valley to Renton. While you might not walk the entire 17.3 miles, we know people who bike it (at least one way) quite often. The trail is maintained by King Country (the county Maple Valley is in) and follows an old railroad path. 

Skate Park

If you’re still young enough to fall down and not feel it in your bones the next day, we invite you to head to the skate park near the Maple Valley Community Center. Its full address is 22010 SE 248th Street. 

If you’d like something that’s a bit slower place, then consider…

Lake Wilderness Golf Course

The Lake Wilderness Golf Course is located at 25400 Witte Road S.E. While it offers the same amenities you’ll find at many 18-hole golf courses — such as day rates and a restaurant — it’s also a popular place when people want to rent space for a wedding or special events.

Mt. Rainier National Park

While it’s a bit of a drive (just over an hour), Mt. Rainier is a popular destination for people from all over the world. Covering over 350-acres and capped by the 14,410 Mt. Rainier, there is a multitude of activities to check out. Some people choose to simply drive the entirety of the park, but it’s also open to hiking, camping, bicycling, boat, and climbing. To plan your trip to Mt. Rainier, click here.

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

If you’ve purchased real estate in Maple Valley, you’ll be here for both the summer and winter seasons of Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. Located less than 60 miles from Maple Valley, this resort offers excellent skiing in winter. But it doesn’t slouch in summer, when you’ll be able to go horseback riding or take a ride up on the fastest gondola in the state. 

Need A Realtor in Maple Valley?

If you’d like to take advantage of all of these wonderful activities, maybe it’s time to purchase some Maple Valley Real Estate. Beth Hallock is ready to help you find the home that’s perfect for you, so click here to contact her today!